Multifunctional Stainless Steel Gravity Hook


Multifunctional Stainless Steel Gravity Hook is a gravity hook that let you pick stuff up. It will get those tough jobs done.

It is easy to use and great for outdoors such as climbing, hunting, camping and more.


  • 2 in 1
    Works both as a mechanical claw machine, as well as a grappling hook. To use it as a grappling hook, just add the crosspiece and your Gravity Hook is transformed into a 4 prong grappling hook.

  • Wide Application
    With a firm enough rope or roll, gravity hook can be used for climbing, hunting, pulling car, an emergency weapon, etc. It can open covers of bottles or cans.
  • Compact & Portable
    Easy to take everywhere; it can be put in your pocket or your backpack strap
  • High Quality
    Made from Stainless steel. It is also rust-resistant, compact and made of all stainless hardware.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 13.5cm x 9cm

  • 1 x Multifunctional Stainless Steel Gravity Hook